Whole Food Homemade Gels for your Ultra Running Endeavors

With a little planning and some fun in the kitchen you can make your own organic energy gels. By popular demand, here is one of my go-to’s for long-haul nutrition when I’m out trail running. I am a huge fan of whole food nutrition on and off the trails, reserving the simple sugars like gelsContinue reading “Whole Food Homemade Gels for your Ultra Running Endeavors”

Lost Coast Unsupported FKT

Running the Lost Coast in a single push. Muse of all Muses, when a bucket list adventure route becomes an 11-month obsession. Making a challenging FKT the “A” goal Last year in August on a moderate amount of training, but to me, at the time, what seemed like enough to get the job done. IContinue reading “Lost Coast Unsupported FKT”