A Place Where Limits Are Pushed

A life of wandering has fueled a passion to explore the boundaries of potential.

Whole Food Homemade Gels for your Ultra Running Endeavors

With a little planning and some fun in the kitchen you can make your own organic energy gels. By popular demand, here is one of my go-to’s for long-haul nutrition when I’m out trail running. I am a huge fan of whole food nutrition on and off the trails, reserving the simple sugars like gels…

Lost Coast Unsupported FKT

Running the Lost Coast in a single push. Muse of all Muses, when a bucket list adventure route becomes an 11-month obsession.Making a challenging FKT the “A” goal Last year in August on a moderate amount of training, but to me, at the time, what seemed like enough to get the job done. I set…

Why Your Choices Matter to the Planet

Do one’s personal choices matter? Can one’s actions create change? I sure hope so… These are questions that you may have asked yourself at one point or another if you have ever thought about your impact on the planet. I know that I have. After years of pondering this, I have learned to answer that…

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